Whether it’s been years since you picked up a paintbrush or you are a keen creative in need of inspiration, I can help!

I have a number of watercolour teaching platforms for you to choose from.


Join my thriving Youtube community with over 200 free watercolour tutorials.
The Watercolour Painting for Beginners playlist is perfect if you’re starting from scratch.

Otherwise, there is a tutorial to suit whatever you’re in the mood to paint:
flowers, foliage, animals, word art and much more in my distinct watercolour painting style.


For those of you who want to push yourselves creatively and take an in-depth approach to online learning, my Patreon subscription service is perfect for you. Learn to paint large scale pieces, landscapes, buildings, trees and much more.

Where Youtube is full of tutorials to follow, Patreon encourages you to build your creative confidence and make your own artistic decisions.

Find out more about our Patreon subscriptions here

Sweet Pea Tier

The ‘Sweet Pea’ tier features weekly watercolour challenges in the form of filmed tutorials. You also have the opportunity to share your work with my patreon community and learn from each other as well as me.

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CheRry Blossom Tier

The top tier ‘Cherry Blossom’ includes a monthly livestream painting session where we paint together in an interactive session over Zoom giving you the opportunity to talk to me about any painting questions you might have while enjoying a group painting session.

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In Person Workshops

With the ongoing Pandemic, there are no in-person workshops currently scheduled, We hope to change that very soon!

I run a number of in person workshops up and down the country. Click here for the current schedule of events.

Zoom Workshops

I enjoy hosting Zoom watercolour workshops of all sizes. Whether you are looking for a team building event, a family birthday party or a one to one session, contact me and we can come up with a workshop to suit your needs. Watercolour kit gift boxes can be posted out to all attendees if required.


I share a lot of process, tips and behind the scenes on Instagram so be sure to follow me there at @deWintonPaperco

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New Botanical Painting Book Signed Copy

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New Botanical Painting

My first book, the best selling New Botanical Painting is a perfect introduction to flower painting; inspired by victorian botanical studies, my new botanical painting style captures the essence of plants and flowers with loose watercolour techniques and building up layers of detail. You’ll be amazed by the results, this book is perfect for beginners as well as keen painters.

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Birds, Bees and Blossoms Book Signed Copy

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Birds, Bees and Blossoms

My latest book introduces new painting projects featuring members of the animal kingdom, insects, plants and trees. Learn how to paint detailed creatures and brand new botanical studies. Once armed with these skills, head to the last chapter where I explore how watercolour can interpret art movements through the centuries that also took their inspiration from nature. Enjoy painting projects inspired by such influential styles as Chinoiserie, Arts and Crafts and Folk Art.

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Art Supplies

Curated kits with everything you need to get started

Art Supplies

If all this talk of painting has got you keen to get involved then you will need some kit. Look no further than my art supplies shop where you can choose from watercolour kits, brushes and worksheets featuring flower projects that aren’t in my books or on Youtube.