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Pro Arte Loose Watercolour Flower Painting Bloom Brush Set


My brand new set of 3 watercolour brushes from Pro Arte. The Bloom Brush Set is perfect for painting loose watercolour flowers.

Series 008 Prolene Plus One stroke size 1/4inch, 1/2 inch
Series 009 Prolene Plus Filbert size 8

Pro Arte maintains a factory in Skipton, North Yorkshire, ensuring that each brush is made to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Pro Arte say of the Prolene plus bristle: “This Prolene Plus range is the flagship of the Prolene collection. It represents a pinnacle of achievement with a wide variety of Prolene synthetic filaments which are ferruled in beautiful gold plate and fashioned with teak handles. They have a delightful ‘spring’, they point in a most pleasing manner and they hold colour in a wonderful way. Truly a modern miracle of science from your favourite brushmaker. Available in an extensive range of sizes and widely used for watercolour, gouache and other media.”

Only 10 left in stock

Set of 3 specialist Pro Arte brushes: Filbert and One Stroke

Buy the exact same set of brushes that I use in my Youtube tutorials to paint loose watercolour flowers. Buy the new paint brushes as a perfect accompaniment to the pointed round range.