This week on our Youtube channel I posted a brand new watercolour tutorial. The tutorial is part of a brand new playlist – Paint and Relax. This week was episode 1 and the tutorial was all about a loose watercolour bouquet.

The new playlist of videos has been created for you to watch and enjoy, whether you want to paint along or simply watch to relax.  I truly believe that watercolour is a therapeutic process whether you are painting or just observing and if you’d like to watch the tutorial please visit our youtube page:

We upload tutorials twice a week on Youtube so why not watch the videos and paint along with me if you prefer?

Paint and Relax – Loose Watercolour Bouquet

This tutorial is focused on mindfulness and I think it’s safe to say that we all love the relaxing qualities of watercolour painting but it’s also sometimes nice to watch and relax.

For this tutorial, I painted a beautiful watercolour bouquet in a loose style. The bouquet is full of vibrant colours and shapes but for this video, I wanted to focus more on the relaxing qualities instead of technique so if you are painting along then don’t get too wound up in the details.

I used a real bouquet for my reference in front of me but you can equally use a photo from a book or the internet to copy.

Play with your paints

For this relaxing tutorial, I like to experiment and play around with my paints and colours. I find it always relaxes me if I’m less worried about the final result.

Loose watercolour style is the best way to achieve this as you don’t have to focus on any shapes or particular patterns and in the tutorial you will see that I tend to let my brush flow freely. It’s always important to start a loose watercolour painting by using dilute paints before adding more detail and you will see why in the tutorial.

Once everything is dried you can go back in and add the detail. Don’t forget to keep to a loose style to achieve the look you are going for.

paint and relax watercolour bouquet

Loose watercolour flowers

As you may know, I love to paint anything floral! I like to use the loose style and that’s no exception for this tutorial. I have painted the flowers in a very loose style which allowed me to follow my instinct. This style allows you to have the freedom to create the colours and shapes you wanted without being too strict.

Having confidence whilst painting in this loose style is very important. It means you will do fewer brush strokes and fewer layers to ensure you keep the loose style.

loose watercolour painting

Let me know how you found this tutorial. I’d love to know if you watched it to relax or painted alongside me!

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You can also purchase a limited edition of this print which I am so excited about. The link to my shop is here.

The materials used in this tutorial were:

Paint: Winsor and Newton Artist Quality –

Brushes: Pro Arte size 2, 4, 6 –

Paper Daler Rowney Aquafine cold-pressed paper –

You will also need some kitchen roll.

Thanks for taking the time to read about our tutorial this week and until next time, happy painting! 🌸


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