We managed to get away for a week a little while back. Like many other creatives I find it so hard to really switch off; doing your passion for a living blurs the lines between creative fervour and exhaustion. Realisation dawns usually too late for me that I need to STOP!

We found a gorgeous little converted barn cottage called The Hideaway and did very little for a few days. I couldn’t help but bring my paints and sketch pad along as the leaves were beginning to turn and those autumn colours are an incredible gift that the natural world gives us each year.


The onslaught of orange that creeps over the fresh green leaves is so perfect for watercolour artists to capture. It seems to reflect the way in which you bleed two colours together in a droplet of water.

And of course, my metallic paints contribute beautifully to this rich palette.


This ‘S’ is taken from an illustrated alphabet I painted for my Neice/Goddaughter. I hear they now learn everything phonetically so it will just have to hang on the wall and be a decorative piece rather than an educational one!