About Harriet de Winton

About me: My stationery story starts way back in the 1970s before I was born. My parents received the most wonderfully original wedding present; one guest took their wedding invitation, painted a watercolour scene over the top and presented it to them as a wedding present. Through my twenties, I enjoyed a varied creative career. First as a set and costume designer, then as a stylist and illustrator. I kept searching for the heart and soul in my creative pursuits and the thought of my parent's wedding stationery inspired me to launch de Winton Paper co.

Painting is my therapy. It is soothing, frustrating, exciting and liberating. There is nothing better than putting brush to paper for a few hours and losing yourself in the watery wonder of watercolour.

I create hand-painted watercolour stationery suites for clients worldwide. Five years in and I have been amazed by the creativity of my couples, the opportunities to illustrate for brands, and that I find myself an experienced teacher of watercolour painting as well as a published author on the subject.

I also have a Youtube channel full of watercolour tutorials so you can paint along with me and learn the techniques. When able to I also run workshops on the subject of watercolours.



Clients include

River Cottage - Mollie Makes Magazine - Kirstie Allsopp's Handmade Fair - Brides Magazine - La Fete Planning and Events - Matthew Oliver Wedding Planning - Liz Linkleter Events - Katrina Otter - Capture by Lucy - Love My Dress - Pocketful of Dreams Wedding Planning & Events - The Little Wedding Helper - Cico Books - Octopus Publishing - Keane Brands